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Your property is safer with a sparkling gutter!

sparkle restore gutter cleaning

How can Sparkle Restore help your gutters?

We specialise in not only gutter cleaning but also clearing and emptying to have a SAFER property.

You may not know but one of the things we specialise in is gutter cleaning and also gutter clearing and emptying. Insurance companies recommend that you have your gutters cleaned and emptied at least ONCE a YEAR!


This is because is your gutters form an essential part of the protection of your house from damp. Any blocked gutters can cause overflow which will run down the outside of your property causing damp on the inside and it can also compromise your foundations.

How do we do it?

Our high level cleaning system (as pictured) is designed to clean at height and break down large deposits within guttering. Our high reach cleaning service is designed to clean up to 60ft from the safety of the ground.

How safe?

We believe in safety for you, our staff and the wildlife. We are a company who cares for the environment. We don't clean gutters if there are protected birds nesting in the gables or the eves but we clean around them. We use a pure water system which is safe for the environment giving something for the local wildlife to smile about!

Sparkle Restore Ltd also subscribes to Avon Wildlife Trust.

sparkle restore gutters

So don't hang around (like Olly the Director is here!) waiting for damage to your property to happen but get your gutters cleaned NOW is our advice!

Contact Sparkle Restore window cleaning today!

If you are looking for a quality service - pop over to our website to book your window/conservatory/upvc/solar panels/gutter clean!

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