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We require all our residential customers to register for GoCardless, our secure, Covid safe, DD payment provider

Set up GoCardless here:

Simply fill in the first line your address, click on the link below and fill out the simple form on GoCardless' secure website.


  • For more info -

(Estimated time taken - 2 mins!)

  • GoCardless is more secure than most high street banks online systems

  • You wont need to worry about missing a payment or making late payments ever again

  • You are protected by the Direct Debit guarantee, if money was ever taken without your prior knowledge you are entitled to a full refund from your bank

  • We have over 1100 satisfied customers using GoCardless without a single security issue

  • GoCardless ensures that we can focus on providing our service to you and have sufficient cash flow to pay staff

GoCardless - makes payment simple, Covid safe, secure and timely.


GoCardless only requires set up once and you need do nothing more to make payments to us


When you have set up GoCardless you will receive an email confirmation with a pasword so that you can log into your account, view transactions, cancel payments or cancel your account at any time.  We can also assist you with managing your account if required.

Each time we clean you will receive an email from GoCardless informing you that we have requested payment and GoCardless will set up a one off direct debit transfer, of the outstanding amount, in 3-5 days time. 

A GoCardless transaction will only take place after each time we clean.


The transaction will show up on your bank statement statement as SPARKLERESTORE.

If you have difficulty setting up GoCardless please give us a call on 07811 740 584.

Commercial customers:

For commercial customers who require the use of bank transfer payments we will provide bank details for transfer on our invoice. 


Please use the invoice number or first line of the property address as the payment reference.

Payment is due on the day of the clean. 

We may add £5 credit fee to customers accounts for every 7 days a payment is overdue.

Professional Window Cleaning Services

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