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Terms & Conditions

1.1  Agreement to use our services indicates that the customer has read and accepts our terms and conditions. An online contact form is required from all customers as it provides our written mandate to quote / clean your windows and includes explicit agreement to our terms and conditions.


1.2  Our standard quotation is based on 6-8 weekly cleaning contract, we add 10% on the first clean, to cover additional time to clean extra dirty windows, and take this off if the next clean is a 6-8 weekly clean.  If a customer chooses to miss a clean we add the additional 10% on the next clean, as on the 12 weekly schedule, due to extra dirty windows.

1.3  We offer a 12 - 16 weekly schedule on request but  will add 10% extra to cover additional time to clean due to extra dirty windows.

1.4  There may be some variation in the timing of scheduled cleans due to weather, vehicle maintenance, staff holidays or other factors outside of our control. 

1.5  We undertake one-off cleans and out of round cleaning, at our discretion, but charge extra to cover travel time.  This is charged at £10 per 15 mins.

1.6  We reserve the right to vary our prices in all circumstances relating to access, and condition of the windows, particularly after building works or decorating work.  In these circumstances we will charge £40 per hour per person on the clean.

1.7  We use an automated text messaging service to contact our customers the day before we clean and require a mobile phone number we can use for this.  We don't require a reply to our text however confirmation of access is appreciated.  If we don’t have a reply to our text we will assume that you wish us to go ahead with the clean as arranged.

1.8  If we are turned away on the day of a scheduled clean, without prior notice, we retain the right to charge the full price of the clean.  We require notice of a cancellation no later than the day before the clean in order to plan effectively.

1.9  If we are unable to clean some of your windows for any reason such as they are left open or there is restricted access to parts of the property we cannot reduce the price for windows that we are unable to clean unless agreed beforehand.

2.1  Commercial work is priced on an individual job by job basis.


2.2  Prices of commercial work may vary due to distance, size of the property, access conditions and regularity of cleans.


3.1  We may have to clean windows in all weather conditions in order to ensure the continuation of the business. 

4.1  We aim to provide you with the best possible service each time we clean and guarantee a good quality clean. If you are not satisfied with the work you must contact us within 48 hours of the clean. We will then return to clean again free of charge within 48 hours (subject to availability) or as soon as possible to put it right.  


4.2  If it is found that problems with the cleaning are not related to work undertaken by Sparkle Restore on our return visit then a fee will be charged to compensate for lost work due to travelling time to and from the property from our current location on the round.  This is charged at £10 per 15 mins.

4.3  Sparkle Restore exercises the utmost care when cleaning your property, however in the unlikely event of damage occurring to your property during standard cleaning industry practices, whether using water fed pole cleaning or cleaning by hand, we shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the breakage or disintegration during cleaning of any cracked, defective or broken part of your property or its fixtures and fittings. 


4.4 Sparkle Restore shall not be liable for any loss or damages relating to scratches on glass, or other surfaces to be cleaned, that may have been there prior to cleaning and were not visible prior to our clean, unless negligence on our part can be proven.

4.5  We can clean leaded windows using the water fed brush system but do so at the customers risk.  We will not be liable for any loss or damage to leaded windows during cleaning using standard industry cleaning practices.  If leading is broken or damaged we will assume that the leading was defective in order for this to happen.

4.6  We ask that customers prepare their property for cleaning prior to our arrival to ensure that all windows are securely closed and potential trip hazards and breakable obstacles are removed from paths and areas where surfaces are to be cleaned.  Sparkle Restore Ltd will not take keys from customers under any circumstance, it is the customer's responsibility to provide access. Sparkle Restore Ltd will not accept liability for any damages to customers property caused by windows being left open or unsecured, or damage to customers property left in areas which could impede access to surfaces being cleaned, or could be at risk when using hoses and poles. 

5.1 Customer information is stored in compliance with current GDPR regulations, on a third party database that is confidential and secure. 

5.2  We will not discuss or share your data with any third party other than those involved in the provision of our services to you.  

5.3  We may use your data to keep you informed of changes to our business including; staff, services, terms and conditions and offers.

5.4  We will add new customers to our mailing list and email customer newsletters from time to time.  We use the newsletters to inform customers of any changes to our services, including new staff and changes to pricing.  Customers may opt out of our mailing list at any time, however customers who opt out of the newsletter mailing list will not be informed of changes to our service by any other means.


5.5  Information on changes to our service can be found on our website 'blog page' or via the home page link to 'latest news'.

6.1  Payment for work done is due on the day of the clean. 

6.2  We require all customers pay using GoCardless, set up on the Payments page of our website.  Once GoCardless is set up customers will receive a payment request notification email from GoCardless after each clean and GoCardless will set up a one off DD transfer 3-5 working days later.  The transaction reference will show on Statements as Sparkle Restore.

6.3  We do not leave paper bills after each clean but can email invoices on request. 

6.4  We do not undertake payment collection in person after the cleaning has been completed.  It remains the responsibility of the customer to ensure payment is made.


6.5  We can help customers who  genuinely do not use email or the internet by issuing a form which can be completed enabling us to set up  GoCardless on their behalf.


6.5 We will accept bank transfer payments for commercial work and our bank details will be included on the emailed invoice.

6.6  If payment is not received within 7 days of the clean we may add a £5 credit charge to the customers account.  We will add a further £5 credit charge for each 7 day period thereafter if payment is not received.  We always attempt to contact customers by phone, text or email to remind customers that their payment is due before adding any credit charges.

7.1 We retain the right to vary these terms and conditions and prices from time to time depending on the needs of the business.

8.1 Sparkle Restore is committed to providing an environment of dignity and respect for staff and customers - we treat our customers with respect and expect the same from our customers in return.

9.1  All prices are subject to VAT.

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