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A day in the life of a window cleaner - Sparkle Restore

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

At a recent staff meeting we asked what would you like to see as a blog for the company. The staff often take photos of their day and it was a wonderful suggestion that they send us photos and we make a day in the life blog. There is so much happening in North Somerset and Bristol when out on the window cleaning round and we hope to capture some of the day in the life here!

First up we have Bertie and Bea who belong to one of our regular customers who said she was happy for them to feature in our blog 'as celebrities'! They were super curious as we often find with animals who come to watch us clean. We think they are super cute.

This picture was taken by our staff member Nick. It is entitled Beast from the East. If you remember the coldest day in Feb 21 well we were working in it and this is what happened to a customer's fountain. We struggled that day with keeping the water flowing through our hoses!

There are days when working outside has so many benefits. Olly, the Director, took this picture of Nick when he was cleaning solar panels. What a view hey - check out the wonderful clouds and reflections on the panels.

We, at Sparkle Restore, like to get together regularly for team meetings. Ensuring that staff members are able to contribute ideas to the running of the business is really important. Due to restrictions we have been having team meetings on zoom. Here we are having our picture taken by the other Director Sarah at the end of another very productive meeting.

As we moved into March 2021 we had some beautiful sunshine following crazy stormy weather. We were lucky enough to have this incredible shot from our staff member Simon Hall high up cleaning windows in Clifton.

Here is Simon busy on the round thank you for the pictures! Look at the beautiful skies.

Simon gets a bit more arty here..we love this pic and the solar panels gleaming after the sparkle restore treatment!

Here is Olly and Kyle who on his first day was out in one of the hottest days of the year 15/6/21 cleaning in Nailsea - look at the heat of that sun! Even my camera was struggling with beautiful rainbow effects!!

Thank you for reading, this blog will be a work in progress as pictures are collected of the Sparkle Restore team restoring your sparkle!

If you would like a clean do contact us via the front page of and we will get right back to you.


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