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Winter window cleaning has it's benefits!

What are the benefits of having your windows cleaned in the winter?

The benefits of having your windows cleaned at any time provides you with a brighter view, windows can be described as eyes of the house and clean windows let more light into your home.

We know that the shorter daylight hours during the winter months can bring about negative feelings. So having your windows cleaned could help to give you a brighter outlook.

Also for some of our customers who are older it can be beneficial to have a regular visitor to your home not just to clean your windows but to check that you are ok during the winter months.

We often get asked what is is like cleaning in the winter? Don't we get cold? Is is hard to get out of bed!?

Yes it is true that extra cuppa and a biscuit can come in handy when we take a break to warm up but cleaning in the winter is much the same as cleaning at other times. The system does the job and it is totally satisfying to know that you the customer get to see out of your windows to a clearer view after the 'sparkle restore' touch.

We may have to work harder in winter because of the short days but there are some beautiful sunrises and sunsets!

Olly and Simon have put together some of their winter views captured on the round and they are totally stunning!

Take this one in North Somerset..we just have to just stop and take this photo!

One of the joys of working outside is that the wildlife in your gardens come to say hello, take this photo of a Robin taken by Simon on his round - you get to enjoy the wildlife!

Thanks to all our customers!!

Watch out for more blog posts coming soon.

If you are looking for a quality service - pop over to our website to book your window/conservatory/upvc/solar panels/gutter clean!

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