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An interview with Sparkle Restore

Why did you set up Sparkle Restore?

I started Sparkle Restore as I wanted to continue working in my local community as my own boss, when I transitioned from being a local teacher. I envisaged providing a service that would put a smile on people’s faces when they come home to see the view through their windows again!

What would you say is Sparkle Restore’s unique selling point?

Providing a reliable, trustworthy and holistic approach. We include all sills and doors in the cleaning price. We consistently price - so it is the same price regardless of area across our location which spans from Clifton and South Bristol down to Clevedon. I am told by customers ‘I used a window cleaner but what do you know I never saw them again?’ I provide a high quality service with a reliable approach...we always come back!!

What makes Sparkle Restore such a quality product?

We have a high standard and high expectations of our staff. We use top quality equipment. We have the highest spec of pure water cleaning equipment on the market. We employ staff who undergo thorough training and have an excellent customer focus. There is more information on the meet our team page on our website.

Where did the name Sparkle Restore come from?

My daughter Hazel came up with the name Sparkle Fairy Window Cleaning as if we could wave a magic wand and make the windows clean. I didn’t think fairy fitted my image and the idea of ‘restoring’ a house so it sparkles seemed a better fit! Hence Sparkle Restore!

I’ve heard that Sparkle Restore cares about the environment, can you tell us a little more about this?

We use a pure water fed cleaning system with no chemicals in it which does not use products that are harmful to the environment. I make a point not to damage plants and creatures in the environment as we work. Sparkle Restore is a member of the National Wildlife Trust. I like to take photos that I find on my round. Look out for pictures of wildlife and nature on my facebook page.

Why does Sparkle Restore have a reputation for being caring and considerate?

Our approach is to make people’s lives easier not harder and we do everything we can to fit in with the needs of the customer whilst making progress on the round.

What do you do to ensure staff retention?

We have a decent bonus scheme and pretty good wages.

We also offer 50% off a massage four times a year with Calma Balance a local business. Calma Balance also provides a reduced rate massage for staff at other times

A big thank you to all our customers who make Sparkle Restore possible and thank you for reading! Sparkle Restore is always appreciative of feedback and recommendations.

We are on google for reviews or facebook -

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