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Windows, doors, frames and sills

Service includes:


  • Cleaning the glass

  • Cleaning all the frames

  • Cleaning the sills top and bottom

  • Cleaning all the doors and door frames

We believe in a holistic approach to window cleaning, you will know when the window cleaner has been because your home will look visibly cleaner.

We send a text message the day before each clean to confirm access.  If we don't hear back from you we will assume its okay to go ahead.

If we arrive to a clean and there is no access to the rear we will clean what we can and charge accordingly.


We guarantee all our residential window cleaning work.  If you are not satisfied with your clean just contact us within 48hrs and we will clean your windows again free of charge.


Water fed cleaning systems

Window cleaning has changed significantly over the years from a cleaner with a squeegee and scrim, accessing windows with ladders, to modern specially designed water filtration systems and telescopic poles.  


Sparkle Restore uses the latest in purified water, high reach cleaning technology, allowing the cleaner to operate safely from the ground without the need for dangerous ladders and providing better and safer cleaning.   The cleaning system uses duel carbon and sediment filters, reverse osmosis filtration and deionisation to provide 100% pure water to the window brushes and cleans without detergent.  The end result is better than cleaning the old fashioned / traditional way.   Pure water fed cleaning is also better for the environment and leaves the windows cleaner for longer.  Soap residue left on the glass after traditional window cleaning actually attracts dirt while purified water leaves a streak free finish without any detergent residue.


Using the water fed system your frames can be effectively cleaned too, ridding you of unsightly spider nests and bird mess, leaving a professional clean finish.  


With our telescopic poles we can reach almost any window including those above the conservatory, loft dormers and velux windows on the roof.

Safer cleaning reduces the risk of insurance claims  should the window cleaner fall and injure himself whilst on your property. 

Window cleaning prices

Standard Service:  - 6 to 8 Weekly water fed cleaning

  • Cleaned on the round

  • No prior arrangement required

  • No access equipment required

  • 12 to 16 weekly / ad hoc / one off - add 10%

  • Access by appointment - add £5

  • Out of round cleaning - add travel cost at £10 per 15min travelling time

  • Specialist removal of debris on windows (eg. post build or decorating splashes)  £10 per 15min of additional time taken

  • Traditional method (inside ) £2.31 per window

  • On a complex clean we will charge £40 per hour per staff member on the job

The company reserves the right to vary these prices depending on access and site conditions but will always endeavour to quote beforehand. 


All prices are subject to VAT.

*Minimum charge is £15

  • Ground & 1st Floor - £1.73 per window

  • 2nd Floor - £2.31 per window

  • 3rd Floor - £4.62 per window

  • 4th Floor - £6.93 per window

  • Standard size patio doors are counted as one window

  • A number of small windows together (for example a door and side window) are counted as one window

  • Conservatory windows - two panes count as one window

  • Two Bifold doors are counted as one window

  • Bay windows count as two windows

  • Large sash windows count as two windows

We will confirm the price at your first window clean

Commercial window cleaning is priced per quotation

We withhold the right to vary these prices at our discretion depending on the location, size and access conditions around the property


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Professional Window Cleaning Services

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