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Conservatory roof cleaning is priced at approximately £5 per panel.  However due to the wide variety of shapes, sizes and panel sizes it is best to request a quote.  The average price of a conservatory roof clean is - £50 (plus VAT).

  • Includes clearing the debris from the guttering

  • Conservatory gutter cleaning is priced at £20 (plus VAT) per 6m

Please get in touch and we'll arrange a quote at a time that suits you.

All prices are exclusive of vat


(Use the contact form below)

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How We Arrange Your Cleaning

In order to keep our staff employed during wet weather we keep a list of all conservatory roof cleaning jobs separate to our window cleaning round.   When you request conservatory roof cleaning we add your job to the 'Wet List' and then when it rains we will attend to your job when it reaches the top of the list.  We can contact you beforehand at short notice if required however you are likely to get your job done more quickly if we can clean without notice.

If your job has not been done by the time we're next round we will do the clean with your windows.

This method also enables us to  clean windows when the weather is dry as much as possible! 



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